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The documentary administration of your company must be entrusted to a specialist. By doing so, your physical and digital documents shall be ready anytime to be consulted.

With our documentary administration services and solutions, we assist our clients in obtaining a quick and assertive access to their most sensitive records.

The control provided by our solutions allows the administrative, commercial or any other processes to be accelerated, which promotes a timely and informed decision-making process.


The time required by your processes is optimized by simplifying and standardizing the information handling.


Service oriented towards the compliance with the retention policies, promoting the continuity of your business.

Documentary Administration

We determine the processes where the outsourcing could be applied in a safe and guaranteed fashion.

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Our goal is to provide you with a first level service from a safe and accessible perspective.

SEL Efectivo is a SOFOM ENR which grants consumer lending through the payroll of the employees who work for the companies with which SEL Efectivo has entered into an agreement.

At SEL Efectivo we have created a financial instrument intended to solve the liquidity needs usually borne by the companies’ collaborators.

  • Does not create any cost for your company
  • Improves the quality of life of your employees
  • Decreases the personnel turnover index among your collaborators
  • Your company is not responsible for the loans granted

We are your best ally for the employee retention.

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Your payroll is safe with us

Our service applies to small and medium companies (PYMES) Some restrictions may apply.